"We haven’t escaped the madness — it simply wears a new face, now."

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supernatural > angels + spies au

Murder? Occupation. Naomi? Bitch. Heaven? Done.

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Justice League vs Justice Lords

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How the soon-to-be Vengeful King and Mad Knight met.

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AU - Team Hell
      A new regime is rising with Abaddon at the head as Queen of Hell. With Bela at her side and four new appointed knights (One who was turned by the father himself) she plans to ensure the death of those who oppose her. What she didn’t expect were two powerful allies to join her cause, given her the leverage she needs to guarantee her rule. 

aka Abaddon and Bela as queens of hell, Adam, Meg, Ruby and Jess as her knights and Patrick and Anna was her allies.

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"Kill them all"
"Yes my King"

Vengeful King Gavin with his Mad Knight, Ryan ʘ‿ʘ

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