c: I still serve Him.
u: He no longer exists! There is no God.
b: — Unfortunately for you, darling. Do tell me what the after life is like, won’t you, Uriel?

c: This was not your mission, I do not understand.
b: I don’t need to be on a mission to want to save you.
c: I…
b: A thank you will suffice, Cassie

aka instead of anna, balthazar saves castiel from uriel.

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au: both still alive, samandriel and inias meet again by chance after the fall.

It was the strangest sense of deja vu, the feeling he couldn’t place but utterly knew. Even since they’d been cast out, he’d taken to roaming the streets of the city he’d landed near, half hoping that he could find another angel. There were enough of them that it shouldn’t have been as hard as it. 

Inias stopped when the feeling got stronger, his gaze focused on the stairs of a building, almost waiting to see if someone would come by. 

He almost had to do a double take when he saw the other. It all made sense now. Whatever connection their grace still gave them had been trying to guide him her, to find the other angel. It’s been guiding him back to his mate.

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Fan casting The Last Of Us movie

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"I'll let you pick who we eat."
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