The Avengers styled as Sin City

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Pre-Series AU. While Serena is away at boarding school, Dan & Blair become bitter academic rivals / friends / the kind of opposites who do not attract.

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supernatural au where demon!bela helps abaddon against sam and dean winchester for fractalbright

part 1 | part 2

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Hello September!

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things tumblr needs to stop doing

  • making minor useless changes

things tumblr needs to start doing

  • releasing urls that have been terminated for 2+ years
  • add a “disable reblogging” option for posts
  • make blocking people make it so they can’t view your blog and set it up so i can make it when someone who i have blocked goes to my blog it redirects to a black page with white text in the middle that says “go fuck yourself” with a picture of shadow the hedgehog flipping them off
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"We haven’t escaped the madness — it simply wears a new face, now."

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