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4 years. The End 5/23/2010

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nealfire meme

2/3 relationships → Henry
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DEAR FANDOM: “baby in a trenchcoat” is not a term of endearment


CAS: I’m blocked. I’m powerless.

DEAN: You’re joking?

CAS: Something in this town, is, uh, it’s affecting me. I assume it’s Eve.

DEAN: So wait, Mom’s making you limp?

CAS: Figuratively, yes.

DEAN: How?

CAS: I don’t know, but she is.

DEAN: Well, that’s great, because without your power, you’re basically just a baby in a trenchcoat. (Cas looks upset.)

SAM: I think you hurt his feelings.

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Make Me ChooseAngels vs. Demons (asked by anonymous)

"God wants you to have freedom." (+ meaning of their names)

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Can you picture it? Babe, that life we could’ve lived…

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