Top 10 Criminal Minds ships as voted by my followers:

6. Derek Morgan + Spencer Reid

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Kevin Burkhoff, ‘The 4400’.

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make me choose » anonymous asked: kate and sun or kate and claire

i came back to get you so you can be with him again. it’s the only reason i came back to the island, claire. so please come with us. let’s go home.

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i was safe in my fortress alone, then you came and tore it all down. i wanted to show you the depth of this dream, the one where i see you and fall finally. but you’re like the winters that you’ve always known, warm on the inside while i sleep in the snow. (x)

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inspired by (x)

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there’s something about you that’s like the sun, you warm up my heart when i come undone. you’re like my soulmate, and on those days when i hurt, when i break, you are my band aid. (x)
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