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8 months ago on February 19th, 2014
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"How’d you find me?"

#i like the idea of ephraim seeing pain in colors  #and cas’ pain being this violent brilliant blue  #cool and clear as a bell and so intense it blinds and its everywhere  #ephraim sees the blue on things castiel touches  #people he’s talked to  #like his emotions are paint and they spatter everyone and everything they come into contact with  #like he’s bleeding  #after getting his wings ripped out  #i just picture castiel dripping true blue sadness all over the streets as he walks home and walks to work (x)

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#i stumbled across this scene from general hospital #and it just screamed balthazar being forced to watch as castiel is beaten to me 

 #why do you think Balthazar left heaven #Why do you think he was so fed up with the host #Why do you think he would choose to leave the only home he’s ever known #Why do you think he doesn’t want to go back? 

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— In which Samandriel is welcome by the angels, but yet can’t stop crying.

headcanon: when angels and demons die, they go to special heaven which is basically just incredibly nice. no torture allowed. lots of therapy for everyone.

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fireburnedhills replied to your post: lol the amount i fucking hate fanon!gabriel being…

closer than the others, maybe but full on best buds. lol no. I can see maybe some student teacher dynamic between Balthazar and Gabe, tho.

i just like. rly can’t see how/why the archangels would know any of the non-archangels, so it doesn’t work at all for me.

like, for one thing, the chain of command would be: archangels » zachariah » anna (unless she was above zachariah) » cas » his garrison. and i just can’t see why gabriel (or any of them) would really know the angels that far below them. like, i do think gabriel (and raphael) could at least name the angels below them instead of being like “…you’re castiel, right?” like how lucifer was. but beyond that? eh. i just rly don’t see it. (although i could potentially buy something with them being friends AFTER they both faked their deaths. but always having been friends/close before that? n o.)

plus, yeah, i also just rly don’t like anything at this point ‘cause fandom’s so “lololol gabe’s best bros with cas! gabe’s best bros with balthazar! and wat? cas and balthazar canonly being close and brothers and friends? lolno, let’s ignore that because gabriel” and just how a shitload of other relationship dynamics/characters get sacrificed so fandom can shoehorn gabriel into their fic.

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angels in » 6x11


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