DAIR POLITICAL AU: blair as president and dan as her VP

part 3: election night.

"so you’re really going to be president, huh?" "yes, and you’re actually going to be there with me.”

it becomes clear around midnight that they’re going to win. blair waldorf is going back to the white house.

at half past she gets the call from her opposition, conceding. dan sits on the couch in her office and watches her reaction. roman holiday is paused on his laptop - it’s become something of a tradition, taking it in turns to pick movies that’ll take their minds off the campaign. she suffered through kill bill vol. ii on sunday - he lets her have tonight.

she takes the call sweetly, and hangs up the phone with a victorious click. “is it official?” he asks, getting to his feet.

she nods, puts the phone down on her desk, and grabs his sleeve before he can reach for the office door, to give the news to the eager democrats and campaign staff who are already celebrating outside. “don’t,” she says. “let’s not tell them just yet.”

she sits down, pulls her feet up onto the couch beside her like a little girl. earlier that evening, sometime between colorado and virginia, she’d kicked off her louboutins, and it’s the first time dan has ever seen her without those extra four inches. "come on, humphrey. you and i have twenty more minutes of freedom. tomorrow, everything starts."

they press play.

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otp challenge

[2/3] locations | "w" magazine headquarters

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I thought you should get to feel like a princess one last time.

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au: blair and dan have an affair in season two

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otp challenge

[1/2] heartbreaking moments | three words, eight letters

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8 caps: gossip girl + dan/blair

Maybe it’s not blood bonds that make us a family. Perhaps it’s the people that know our secrets and love us anyway. So we can finally be ourselves.

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