Hello my dairlings, Our second appreciation week is finally here, i’m sorry for taking that long to do another one but better later than never. The apreciattion week starts at June 26th, we have a month to prepare ourselvs. 

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Day One: Favorite Episode From Each Season

Day Two: Most Heartbreaking Moment

Day Three: Most Happy Moment

Day Four: Most Funny moment

Day Five: Favorite Kiss

Day Six: The Moment They Became Your Otp

Day Seven: Free Choice

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Dan & Blair + Jack & Rose - Love Collision

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i was safe in my fortress alone, then you came and tore it all down. i wanted to show you the depth of this dream, the one where i see you and fall finally. but you’re like the winters that you’ve always known, warm on the inside while i sleep in the snow. (x)

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I would like to say all the way back in Episode 4 in Season 1 we knew that they had a connection. We also knew that they were going to be the foils for each other and be aggravated with each other. They would constantly be at odds, but we always knew that when you are at odds, that means there is sort of something underneath, whether you like it or not. We knew that they had this spark and it was there for us to play with, at some point, if we wanted to or not. As the seasons progressed and you saw that relationship deepen, it just became more and more of an understanding between all of the writers that there was something real there between Dan and Blair. Last year, we realized Dan probably had [further] to go to have feelings for Blair because she had been terrible to him for so long, so then came the W magazine story. His feelings awakened first and then were not returned by her — in that moment when she said that she did not feel anything in the kiss, but we knew that he did.

We knew where we were going to go in Season 5 right then. We knew that there was going to come a time where their friendship was only going to deepen and as that friendship deepened, Blair was going to begin to realize that Dan actually had these feelings for her and that was going to actually complicate her life. This season was very much about Blair. Ever since she was a child, we have said since Season 1, she always wanted to be queen, always wanted to be a princess. She finally got that dream this year, and then realized, “Wait a minute, I don’t want this dream at all. Being a princess was not what I thought it was going to be. It’s like Roman Holiday and I am stuck in a box.” Coming out of that dream and into the arms of Dan, that was our goal. Here was this guy who has stood by her and been her friend and supported her. She realizes that he has these really true and honorable feelings for her and only wants what she wants for herself. They found each other.

” —

Remember when Josh Safran said this? (x)

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  • wants me to be happy
  • was there for me when no one else was
  • makes me feel safe and strong
  • is the only one who can protect me from my own worst instincts
  • and I have a real connection
  • cares about me, not in spite of who I am, but because of it
  • is my best friend
  • loves me for me


  • hasn’t slept with Serena
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make me choose → anonymous asked chair or dair

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