"There are animals again!"

Minecraft episode 119.5 - Achievement Race

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there will be murder

this fucking lp series will be the death of me (pun intended)

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A Shoulder to Lean on: Jake’s purpose in Olivia’s life



There are many that begrudge Jake’s existence and his place in Olivia’s life. Whether it’s for ship reasons or simply not liking the character the arguments seem to tow the same line: Jake is useless, serves no purpose in the show, and waste’s valuable screen time. What is interesting about this line is that it has continued on in the face of a season and a half of development for his character and his relationship with Olivia. The show has continued to demonstrate Jake’s purpose to the audience and yet it’s not clicking. Which makes me wonder where the disconnect is for people. To me it’s clear that Jake is meant to be a support system for Olivia.

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"the angels should help humans~"

or how about the angels re-grow wildlife that’s been destroyed by humans. the angels protect endangered animals from humans that are hunting them. the angels create new species of plants, new species of animals and insects. the angels create new stars.

or, gee, idk. maybe just the angels go back to heaven and focus on themselves and healing their own home and helping their own family and not a species that never has to learn to appreciate and help and respect them.



okay, I have ALWAYS felt really strongly about this

Angels have lived almost their whole lives pre-human. Imposing human morality, much less modern western human morality on their actions, and expecting every angel to fall all over themselves helping humans, is fucking laughable. 

Why should they care about humans and put them first?! Any angel that does is a SAINT. It’s not an expectation. Angels don’t have to be NICE. And they are not assholes if they choose not to be.

"But God said-"

We have established in the Supernatural universe that ‘God’, as an entity, is a shitty, fucked-up abusive douchebag absentee father who gives precisely half a fuck about precisely half a percent of anybody and will happily watch his two oldest children beat each other to death in his name over something he doesn’t even give a shit about any more, while he drinkswhiskey in a nice white shirt and contemplates his “phrasing” in a self-absorbed way that would absolutely put a smile on Metatron’s fuckface.

Excuse me if I brush aside with a slight sneer the insistence that not only should every angel bow down to every mortal, but immediately take up their rapidly shifting moralities and worldviews (because we all know that’s what immortal beings are always best at- rapidly adapting to change) and spend the rest of eternity sweeping floors in hospitals as their divine fucking duty because humans are just the best

No, that’s not cool.

It would be better to think of Angels like an alien race. They had a whole culture and they did stuff all on their own before people came along. Like Vulcans. But like Vulcans, they feel kind of responsible for humans, some of the time. But humans have also fucked things up and brought a lot of pain and destruction and general bullshit. So angels don’t necessarily feel charitable. And when people go around expecting them to be, like every angel is really just a 30 year old dude from Illinois from a weird church, it doesn’t work for me.


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LP GTA V: Flight Missions

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