tinka, i found the direct quote:

"I think that his home is Heaven, but he— his home is so messed up that he doesn’t really feel at home anywhere, so I think he’s pining for a time when it really felt like home up there, but it’s not— it doesn’t— it’s not home, really, anymore, and I think that he’s gonna be—if you had seen the last episode of the season, you would know that he’s gonna be feeling even more alienated from his home, I would say. […] I bet that he will never feel at home, yeah, ‘cause that’s, I think, part of his character is sort of being out of place all the time."

also, just some things i like about this: misha immediately saying that heaven is cas’s home (and looking like he’s ready to say this before the question’s even done being asked.) earth and samndean not being brought up at all; everything being about heaven. even with misha saying that heaven isn’t really home anymore (and, in my totally—negl—biased opinion, i feel that has more to do with it not feeling like a home because of how fucked up things are there), he still refers to it as cas’s home.

lol but just to rant about this for the millionth time because i am me and, srsly, how could i not: i wish the show would stop fucking over cas’s relationship with the angels and everything. but then ofc they have to because, my god. people who love cas unconditionally and who are protective of him and defend him and accept him with all of his flaws and mistakes? lulz, we can’t have that! we can’t actually see cas in anything even remotely resembling a healthy relationship—and especially with non-humans—lest people see how fucked up his relationship with the winchesters actually is.

1 year ago on May 14th, 2013
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