i just seriously don’t get the choices the show’s made this season.

like why the hell would you retcon a shitload of canon to make it so that the intelligence agency and brainwashing and reprogramming has always existed? it makes so much more sense (and imo has more of an impact) if it was something that was created out of the destruction and chaos heaven was left in after the events of s6 and s7. like srsly. it would’ve been so much better if naomi had just been this run of the mill angel who took charge after s6 + s7 and was just brutally trying to restore heaven to order through whatever means necessary.

and the whole thing with metatron is such bullshit too. like why retcon the archangels characterization and motivations. srsly. my idea was so much better. they should’ve had metatron leave because he didn’t want to stay in a place and serve a father who would make him write down his and his family’s own destruction and had him in such deep hiding and not knowing what’s been happening because he was afraid of god/heaven coming after him.


1 year ago on May 8th, 2013
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