"But then… then they started to scheme. The archangels decided if they couldn’t have Dad, they’d take over the universe themselves."

Okay, can I just rant about this line for a second though because it seriously makes no fucking sense with previously established canon and because of that it also ends up fucking over the archangels and their characterization.

Like, no, they didn’t want to take over the universe. They didn’t even need to take over the universe because with God having left, that role was forced upon them. Which was like half the fucking problem of why the whole apocalypse mess started in the first place because they couldn’t handle that anymore and they just wanted peace and rest and paradise for everyone finally.

And srsly, wat. They couldn’t have God? Michael’s, like, entire fucking motivation for starting the apocalypse and wanting to follow through etc was because he wanted to prove to God that was a ‘good son’ by following his orders—which srsly. That’s what the apocalypse was. The only thing the (arch)angels ever did was accelerate his plan.

1 year ago on May 6th, 2013
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