also can i just rant about this too because i srsly can’t when people say that god ships destiel. like for multiple reasons but the biggest one is, even if that were the case, why the fuck does this sound like a good thing to people? like i don’t know if anyone’s noticed but god is actually kind of disgusting where the angels are concerned.

like seriously. he completely abandoned them all without a word. he didn’t even have the decency to tell them that his responsibilities aren’t actually their responsibilities and that they don’t have to run the world.

he created them with free will but then led them to believe that they didn’t have any. that they were created to be his soldiers and follow his orders and obey his will and that’s it. and because of that the only thing the angels learned when lucifer rebelled was that original thought and free will and emotions are bad and wrong.

but despite all of that, god also did create the whole apocalypse scenario to test his children and try to get them to choose family and freedom etc. which, wow, no surprised (to god lulz) that they didn’t pick either. but, i mean, hey. it’s not as if he didn’t set them up for failure to start with.

he made one of children write a tablet on how to trap and control and destroy his own brothers and sisters. to do that for all of his creations except humanity.

so yeah. “god ships destiel”? congratu-fucking-lations. he seems like such a swell guy.


1 year ago on March 28th, 2013
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